Want to know how a non-native speaker and photographer commit to publishing at least once a week and reach the 5K follower milestone in 60 days? This is the story for you.

I am not a writer by trait or by training and English is not my native tongue. I still remember back in college I had to struggle a lot to come up with just a one-page essay. So how did a non-native speaker become a ‘top writer’ in four categories…

Creating consistency is an important skill that every photographer should master. In this story, I will share with you a few things I do to create consistency in my photos.

One of the things that differentiate amateur and experienced photographers is whether there is consistency in their photos. In this story, I would like to share with you what I do to create a flow of consistency in my photography works.

Sharing the story of the remaining L.A. trip with more photos and a couple of inspirations I got from museum visits.

“Traveled far away to find out whether loneliness tastes the same.”

Keith Chen

In part 1 of the travel blog (if you haven’t read it, it is right here), I covered the places I visited in the first 4 days of the trip. In part 2, I will continue to…

Have you ever reflected on the idea that time is not replicable? The three photos from this series will remind you of the fact that what was once vividly present can never be recreated and will only diminish in the flow of time.

PITTSBURGH, PA, US., December 2nd, 2021 — Press Release:
Photographer Keith Chen @ FotoMachi will launch his first Photo NFT via Foundation.app/FotoMachi_Photography on December 13th, 2021.

How much is a piece of time worth to you?

Every moment presented in this series was not staged and could never be replicated…

As I just crossed the halfway mark of my LA trip, wanted to share with you my experience so far and some of the cellphone snapshots I have taken along the way.

“My travel and photography philosophies are the same: Don’t force anything to happen; instead, learn to show up at the right place and simply let things happen around you.”

Keith Chen

I am currently on the 4th day of my week-long L.A. trip. As the self-imposed deadline for my weekly…

Almost 2 years after the outbreak of Covid, I am finally planning my next travel. In this story, let me share with you my planning process for the photo shooting part of the trip.

Since the beginning of 2020, all of us have been literally grounded from traveling because of the pandemic. Almost two years later, I am finally planning for my first post-pandemic trip.

Are you interested in street photography but struggle with finding things to shoot? If so, this is the story for you.

This is one of the questions I often get from readers regarding street photography — Keith, I am interested in shooting street photos like yours, but I have no idea what to look for when I am out in the street. Believe it or not, I sometimes face the same…

This impromptu photo project was meant to reflect on one question — Do you need to travel far away to take meaningful photos? Please read on and find my answer.

I love to travel and take photos from different cities. The novelty of new places and the surprises I often encounter are what make those photo-taking experiences exciting and unique every single time. However, after visiting and taking photos from 50 plus cities around the world, all of a sudden…

Are you the kind of museum-goer that loves to take photos of artworks? Or the kind that thinks artworks should only be appreciated by eyes, not camera lens? Read on and see if my take on this will get you to think differently about taking photos in museums.

When I travel to different cities around the world, visiting art museums is one of my go-to activities. Even I have been disappointed by boring cities, the museums within those cities would still spark joy and inspiration. Since the very beginning when I started to visit museums, there is a…

Keith Chen

Photographer, Runner, Hiker. Took photos from 50+ cities globally.

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