Photo & Travel Blog — One Week In L.A. — Part 2

Sharing the story of the remaining L.A. trip with more photos and a couple of inspirations I got from museum visits.

Keith Chen


Snapshot by author at LA Hollywood / Highland Metro Station.

“Traveled far away to find out whether loneliness tastes the same.”

Keith Chen

In part 1 of the travel blog (if you haven’t read it, it is right here), I covered the places I visited in the first 4 days of the trip. In part 2, I will continue to show you the story for day 5 to 7, share some more snapshots I have taken along the way, and talk about a couple of inspirations I got from museum visits.

Day 5 — UCLA

Snapshots by author at UCLA.

Day 5 shows you another travel routine of mine — if there is a prestigious college or university in the city I am visiting, I would usually add it to my travel itinerary. This is because I see a prestigious school as a one-stop-shop to see rich history, nice architecture, and local culture and lifestyle. UCLA is actually a bit difficult to get to from downtown with public transportation, but I paid a visit anyway and I wasn’t disappointed as I got all three things mentioned above. I don’t usually take pictures when I walk around schools because all I wanted is simply to immerse myself in the environment, but I did take a few this time just for you.

And here are some more street snapshots I took on that day —

Snapshots by author from LA.

Day 6 — Hayao Miyazaki’s Exhibition

Snapshots by author at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Day 6 is the culmination of the trip — seeing Hayao Miyazaki’s exhibition at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, which is also the main reason why I decided to visit LA in the first place. In case you don’t know, Hayao Miyazaki is the director and producer for some of the best Japanese animations like Spirited Away, My Neighbor…



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